Scholarship Week 6

Will Hardman Blog – Week 6

On the 3rd August on Wednesday, we were fortunate enough to get to visit the Suunto UK diving workshop and office in Alton where we were shown around by Matt and Ryan! We were able to see where the ‘conquering of new territory’ all came from with the help of the team giving us the ins and outs of the company and its products. We were introduced to the maintenance team in the workshop who showed us how to dismantle the D-series watches to conduct a battery change and we even got to see the taking apart of an Eon Steel, one of Suunto’s latest dive computers! We really enjoyed the day having been given presentations on the range of diving and outdoor products Suunto offers, going through the different dive computers, torches and wings – making us really want to get one for ourselves! At the end of the day, Matt and Ryan were incredibly generous and gave each of us a Suunto rucksack with our names on a label. This seemed confusing as they were all the same, until we opened them up and found a haul of gifts inside, including the Eon Steel dive computer! This top of the range computer was given to us individually as the team had even gone to the trouble of engraving our respective names on the back, making them really unique and personal which was such a privilege to receive and I highly recommend any one of Suunto’s latest computers as they really are top class for the diving world!   

I’ve been really busy at Andark during my Divemaster training, there seems to never be a day where there’s nothing to do! Kit room maintenance every Monday; checking our kit is in order, cylinder filling after all the PADI courses have been going on at the lake or in the pool and of course being the trainee divemaster on many of these courses assisting the instructors and getting my eye in as a professional in the diving industry – actually my favourite part of the training! Being on the Sunday dives has also been really enjoyable, Swanage Pier has had 2 great Sunday Dives which I have been on, with great vis underwater. I highly recommended diving under the pier for anyone recently qualified as a PADI Open Water Diver as it is a shallow dive, but with so much life to see in the shade of the pier, so join the Andark Sunday Dive team for a safe, supervised dive where we can help out and make you more confident in the water!

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