Drysuit Seal Replacement/ Repair & Wetsuit Repairs

Drysuit Repairs and Replacement Seals for Sailing Drysuits & Diving Drysuits – Andark can replace drysuit seals in latex and neoprene, or you can purchase replacement seals and repair glue to do the repairs yourself. Andark has repair kits, patches and tape or individual Replacement Seals – Latex Necks in different sizes, wrist seals, and feet.

All drysuit repairs are carried out on site by our qualified and experienced technicians.

Drysuit Repair Prices

Repair PartsPrice Including FittingPrice Parts Only
Neck seal (latex)£38.00£15.00
Wrist seals (pair)£41.00£8.00 each
Ankle seals (pair)£41.00-
Socks (pair) £46.00 (Flat)
£48.00 (3D)
£10.00 each
Zip - Diving Suit POAPOA
Back Zip for Sailing Drysuit £189.00-
Diagonal Zip for Sailing Drysuit £189.00-
Convenience Zip for Sailing Drysuit£76.50-
2 Part Glue-£15.00
Black Witch-£6.95
Bubble test£25.00 + patches-
Patch£11.00 each-
Typhoon Boots£120.00-
Neoprene Neck for Diving Drysuit£81.00-
Neoprene Wrist for Diving Drysuit£62.00-
Neoprene Neck (sailing)£49.00-
Neoprene Wrist (sailing)£43.00-
Latex Neck Seal on a neoprene drysuit£65.00
  • All prices include VAT, please allow 10 days – 2 weeks for all repair services.
  • £7.50 postage fee applies to all UK destinations.