Make a successful escape underwater

Underwater Escape Training is an essential training for those likely to end up in an emergency situation Underwater – such as Powerboat drivers, helms of performance Sailboats, Pilots of Aeroplanes and Helicopters – and maybe motor vehicles in floods.  The technique learned to make a successful underwater escape are the same.  Andark’s underwater Escape Training course will help give you the knowledge and confidence to deal with the situation and make a successful escape and become a survivor.

HUET Prices

Pricing varies based on availability and timing, please contact us for more details.

(If you work in the offshore industry you will require an OPITO certificate or an offshore survival course. Then contact Warsash Maritime Academy on 01489 576161 or visit

Certification Sessions

£199 per person – U.E.T.

£250 per person – U.E.T. & Lift Raft

£290 per person – U.E.T. & Lift Raft with STASS

Dates for Certification Sessions

Friday 15th June

Fun/Corporate Sessions

These are un-certificated and the prices are below:

Dunker session – max 12 people – £600 for 2 hours
Liferaft session – max 12 people – £395 for 2 hours
Combined Session – max 12 people – £700 for 3 hours



Have You Got What It Takes?

Check out the trailer for BBC 2’s new series, Astronauts: Have You Got What It Takes?

Colonel Chris Hadfield and his trainees completed their Helicopter Underwater Escape Training here at Andark!

Visit the BBC page here.

Dunker Training on the BBC

Shelley Jory is one of the United Kingdom’s leading powerboat racers, below is a video of her going through our Underwater Escape Trainer (HUET) with BBC presenter Freddie Rostand.