Speed & power… safety is key

Powerboat racing thankfully invariably ends with a safe coming alongside at the end of the day. Occasionally however, things can go badly wrong, and the boat capsizes. All on board now find themselves in the water, with some possibly beneath the boat.

Knowledge of what to do next may save your life and the lives of others.

Our Powerboat Racer Underwater Escape course is similar to that for the crew and passengers of helicopters and light aircraft as detailed below.

The standard course comprises 3 simulated ditches in our custom built “Dunker’ – a capsule representative of the cabin of the majority of commercial helicopters and small aircraft.

A flat ditch is followed by a submerged 45 degree exit, and finally by an inverted 180º escape drill.

All ditches are supervised by experienced instructors, with divers ready to assist in the pool if required.

You will also be taught in the use of EBA – Emergency Breathing Apparatus – to aid escape.

Course price

Pricing varies based on availability and timing, please contact us for more details.

(If you work in the offshore industry you will require an OPITO certificate or an offshore survival course. Then contact Warsash Maritime Academy on 01489 576161 or visit www.warsashacademy.co.uk)

Course dates

Please contact us for dates.

Various dates may be available upon request to suit groups.

How to book

Phone Sharon on 01489 581755

E-mail sharon@andark.co.uk to arrange dates.

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