Diving Equipment Servicing

Andark Diving as South Coast’s leading Padi Diving Centre offer a complete Diving Regulator and BCD servicing package for all major brands (Scubapro, Aqualung, Apeks, Mares, Cressi and Poseidon), Cylinder testing for diving cylinders, air guns and some paintball cylinders.
O2 cleaning for cylinders and regulators this is necessary before use with Nitrox, Trimix and Oxygen.
Andark offer a Drysuits seal replacement for Sailing & Diving Drysuits, we offer a full Drysuit repair service.
Diving Computer servicing and battery changes.

All repairs are carried out by our qualified and experienced engineers, and work is guaranteed.

Equipment Servicing Prices

  • Reg 1st & 2nd Stage + Octopus £90.00 (approx)
  • Reg 1st & 2nd Stage – £60 (approx)
  • Octopus Only – £30.00 (approx)
  • BCD test/service £40.00 + parts
  • Hydraulic Cylinder test and valve service £41.00
  • Cylinder visual inspection and valve service £35.50
  • Cylinder EDY Inspection NDT £15.00
  • Hydraulic Test (only) £27.00
  • Cylinder Visual inspection (only) £21.50
  • Test and O2 clean £51.00
  • Cylinder internal shotblast £19.50
  • Cylinder external shotblast £21.50
  • O2 Clean £35.50
  • Repaint (only new cylinders) £35.50
  • Zinc Spray & re-paint £82.75
  • Zinc Spray £43.00
  • Valve service £18.50
  • Spare Air (Test and reg service) £67.00(approx)

Purity Test 

  • Full Test to BS4275 with certificate. £28.00
  • Annual 4 quarterly test £108.80 

Please allow two weeks for above servicing.

Battery Changes for Suunto Watches:

  • Battery change Suunto Zoop, Vyper, Vyper Air, HelO  £27.00  (1 hour)
  • Battery change Suunto D Series, D4/D4i, D6/D6i, D9,D9Tx  £59.00 (3 hours)
  • Battery change Suunto Stinger £44.00 (3 hours)

Please note: For cylinder testing a non-refundable £15 deposit is required. If a cylinder fails the test it will be destroyed for safety reasons.