All servicing and workshop jobs must be paid for within 3mths start date. We are happy to hold onto the item until you are happy to collect once it is paid for. Any items not paid for after 3 months will be disposed off or sold on to cover service costs.

Cylinder Air & Nitrox Gas Fills

Andark Diving as South Coast’s leading Padi Diving Centre offer cylinder testing for diving cylinders, air guns and some paintball cylinders.
O2 cleaning for cylinders and regulators this is necessary before use with Nitrox, Trimix and Oxygen.

Andark has 2 compressor stations offering Air up to 300 BAR and also the Andark Lake offer air fills up to 232 BAR, for Scuba Divers and Air Gun users. All our air is filtered and tested regularly for impurities.

Cylinder Air Fill Prices

Cylinder Size (up to)Up to 240 BARUp to 300 BAR
3 Litre£10.00£12.50
7 Litre £10.00£12.50
10 Litre£10.00£12.50
12 Litre£10.00£12.50
15 Litre£10.00£12.50
Air Gun
(non-diving cylinder)
New Air Gun Cylinders - First Fill£15.00£15.00

Twinsets will be charged per cylinder.

At Andark shop we offer enriched air Nitrox and Trimix cylinder fills to maximum of 300 BAR.

To purchase enriched air Nitrox and Trimix fills your cylinders must have oxygen cleaned within the last 15 months and you must have training certificates appropriate to your gas requirements.

For Nitrox we offer a following day service, or late afternoon pick up if delivered first thing in the morning. Trimix is a following day service or ring us to check.

We can NOT usually offer a while you wait service for Nitrox or Trimix, this is to ensure all fills are accurately done, it takes time to achieve this.

Cylinder Nitrox Gas Fill Prices - 232 BAR

Fill (232 Bar)Cylinder SizePrice
32%Twin 12 Litre£21.00
50%7 Litre £16.00
50%11.1/12 Litre£23.00
80%7 Litre £27.00
80%11.1/12 Litre£32.00