Seasonal Lake Manager to run our Scuba Diving and Watersport’s Lake

We are looking for an organised computer literate person capable of running our Scuba Diving and Watersport’s Lake. We are looking for an individual who can help develop new business, whether it’s Scuba Diving, Open Water Lake Swimming, Paddle Boarding, Kayaking or other water based activities.

This position means working weekends, it is a 4/5 day working week. The job involves booking customers in, help creating new business for the Lake,  preparing and selling basic food and drink in our small Lake Café. Over seeing the safety operation of the lake and keeping the building clean and tidy to a very high standard.

  • Qualified scuba diver or water sports instructor with lifeguarding qualification
  • Able to work on their own and with a small team
  • Friendly, self motivated and enthusiastic person
  • A basic first aid and CPR qualification would be an advantage
  • You must also be able to prepare simple food
  • Well organised and tidy individual

Please email your CV to Stephanie Goddard – andark@brontestud.freeserve.co.uk to apply.

andark-lakeDiving in the Andark Lake


PADI Instructor Exam

We had a great weekend at the PADI IE with all 3 candidates passing with flying colours maintaining our 100% pass rate.

Looking forward to the next IDC especially now that Government sponsored Student Loans are available to assist with the IDC and IE costs along with a Level 3 NVQ in Dive Business Management.

PADI instructor ExamPADI instructor Exam

Michael Ambrose last week of his scholarship

The last few weeks of the scholarship were a lot of fun, with lots to do.

In the last few weeks of the scholarship we were as busy as ever. I completed the Full Face Mask speciality, which included using a full face mask in the Andark pool first, followed by Andark Lake. This was quite an experience, and it was strange being able to breathe through your nose and communicate with the surface underwater! I also completed the PADI Deep speciality, which involved planning and diving three dives at the National Diving & Activity Centre in Chepstow. I really enjoyed this, it is eerie and breathtaking at such depth and it’s great to now be able to dive to 40m as it opens up more dive sites and new adventures.It was sad to say goodbye to many great new friends as the scholarship drew to a close. We had a ‘goodbye’ meal which was lovely. This won’t, however, be a final goodbye, I’ll continue to go back to Andark to take advantage of the great facilities, great shop and most importantly see the great people! I’m extremely thankful to everyone at Andark for such a brilliant summer, I learnt a lot and had an excellent time!

Michael Ambrose Blog from Week 8 of his Scholarship

Last weekend was a busy one at Andark, with a large PADI Open Water course, a PADI Advanced Open Water course, a PADI Rescue Course and some PADI specialities such as Peak Performance Buoyancy and PADI Drysuit diver all training at Andark Lake. I was assisting on the Open Water course, which is always good fun as it’s great to take people into open water for the first time. It was brilliant to see the lake so busy and so many people having an enjoyable weekend of diving. During the week I did the PADI Enriched Air Diver speciality, which was done over one evening. The speciality was a hands on experience- we analysed nitrox cylinders, planned dives using different mixes and learnt about how to use our Suunto dive computers when diving with nitrox. Having completed the speciality I’m now able to get nitrox fills and dive with nitrox- which I am looking forward to doing soon!

Sophie’s Blog – Week 7

This week I assisted on the PADI Rescue course with instructor Stainton and four students. We practised the rescue skills in the lake then the next day was scenarios. This involved lots of incidents that the students had to work together to resolve including injuries, missing divers, panicked divers, and first aid including CPR. A challenging and enjoyable course that really improves your confidence when diving knowing you are capable of dealing with problems.

I also helped out with a PADI Open Water Course learning skills in the pool and Aquanauts on Saturday – a scuba club for children 8 years old and up to learn to dive in Andark Pool.

On Sunday I was lucky enough to go on Sunday Dive to Swanage Pier. Sunday Dives are a weekly programme of South Coast shore dives for new and experienced divers and is a great way to meet other divers. Swanage pier has a max depth of 5 m and is teaming with Marine life – shoals of pollack, loads of crabs, anemones and blennies. I loved it! Really enjoyed seeing so many creatures at a pretty dive site.

Next up was Scuba Camp – a 3 day course that takes children through the basics of scuba diving in the comfort and safety of the pool. We started with snorkelling techniques, then introduced the children to scuba equipment. By the end of the course, they were able to put their scuba gear together, do a buddy check, clear their mask, perform regulator recovery, and practice safe buoyancy in the deep end. A lot of fun and the children learnt so much which really gives them a head start with diving.

Swanage Pier

Sophie’s Blog from Visiting Suunto

Suunto Blog

We visited Suunto UK in Alton on Wednesday to find out all about their dive computers. We had a tour of the office, workshop and warehouse then a presentation from Matt and Ryan showing us how Suunto all began. They showed us the range of products that Suunto make from the Zoop to the Eon and an overview of their specs. Next into the workshop to have a go at battery changes on a range of computers. We got to watch an Eon Steel be dismantled and put back together again which was interesting to see all of the components laid out. Later we had a presentation on Suunto’s sister companies, Finnsub that make wings and a company that makes rechargeable LED dive torches.

We were incredibly grateful to be given a Suunto Eon Steel dive computer laser engraved with our names on. An amazing piece of technology that I’ve had fun testing out. We also got a backpack full of great things – a spork, dry bags, hat, polo shirt, stickers, and FogCity for our masks. Thank you very much to Matt and Ryan for a great day and our amazing gifts.

Scholarship Week 7 – Michaels Blog

Over the past 3 days Margriet from PADI was at Andark to help us work on our Dive Master training and skills. Over the course of the three days we went through the 24 main open water SCUBA skills, practising them to demonstration level. We also did workshops for Discover SCUBA Diving- which is for people who want to try diving for the first time, and PADI ReActivate- which is for divers who have been out of the water for a while and need to refresh their skills. These workshops taught us how these sessions work to prepare us for taking part in them in the future. The most challenging part of the weekend was a full SCUBA equipment exchange- using only one regulator shared between two people, we exchanged all of our equipment (mask, fins, boots, hood, gloves and BCD). The idea of this exercise is to challenge you, and your problem solving and teamwork skills underwater. The exercise was strangely fun and I felt like I learnt a lot from it, though it was definitely hard work! It was a busy weekend and we got a lot done, learnt a lot and had a lot of fun!

Padi Diving Scholarship Week 7

Scholarship Week 6

Will Hardman Blog – Week 6

On the 3rd August on Wednesday, we were fortunate enough to get to visit the Suunto UK diving workshop and office in Alton where we were shown around by Matt and Ryan! We were able to see where the ‘conquering of new territory’ all came from with the help of the team giving us the ins and outs of the company and its products. We were introduced to the maintenance team in the workshop who showed us how to dismantle the D-series watches to conduct a battery change and we even got to see the taking apart of an Eon Steel, one of Suunto’s latest dive computers! We really enjoyed the day having been given presentations on the range of diving and outdoor products Suunto offers, going through the different dive computers, torches and wings – making us really want to get one for ourselves! At the end of the day, Matt and Ryan were incredibly generous and gave each of us a Suunto rucksack with our names on a label. This seemed confusing as they were all the same, until we opened them up and found a haul of gifts inside, including the Eon Steel dive computer! This top of the range computer was given to us individually as the team had even gone to the trouble of engraving our respective names on the back, making them really unique and personal which was such a privilege to receive and I highly recommend any one of Suunto’s latest computers as they really are top class for the diving world!   

I’ve been really busy at Andark during my Divemaster training, there seems to never be a day where there’s nothing to do! Kit room maintenance every Monday; checking our kit is in order, cylinder filling after all the PADI courses have been going on at the lake or in the pool and of course being the trainee divemaster on many of these courses assisting the instructors and getting my eye in as a professional in the diving industry – actually my favourite part of the training! Being on the Sunday dives has also been really enjoyable, Swanage Pier has had 2 great Sunday Dives which I have been on, with great vis underwater. I highly recommended diving under the pier for anyone recently qualified as a PADI Open Water Diver as it is a shallow dive, but with so much life to see in the shade of the pier, so join the Andark Sunday Dive team for a safe, supervised dive where we can help out and make you more confident in the water!

Scholarship Week 5



The PADI Junior Open Water Course went really well; we had a great weekend at the lake and everyone’s buoyancy and skills improved so much over just a couple of days. Congratulations to Bethan, Jake and Seren for becoming a newly qualified diver and enjoy the summers diving! Tuesday was a fun day at Access All Areas event with Andark giving children age 11- 17 years old in Fareham their first breaths underwater with a PADI scuba diving experience.

We had a great day at the PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) UK office in Bristol learning what PADI is all about. Our mentor Margriet Schuur gave us a presentation on the international organization and her career in diving. Next up was a presentation on quality management from Su Li and the PADI member code of practise then a quick chat with Rich Somerset and Emma Hewitt, the PADI Regional Manager.

We met the Project AWARE Foundation team to find out what they do. Their aim is for divers to protect the ocean and they focus on saving vulnerable sharks and rays and clearing up marine debris. Follow what they’ve been up to on twitter #Divers4SharksNRays and #diveagainstdebris. I have pledged to follow the 10 tips for divers to protect the ocean planet including making responsible seafood choices and to become a debris activist. You can Search the Action Map for events near you to get involved with ocean conservation. I also signed up to My Ocean, their online eco community to find other members to take action together. Have a look at their website www.projectaware.org to find out more about their campaigns. I am passionate about ocean conservation as I study Marine Biology at University so Project Aware is a great resource to help make a difference.

To end the day we had a tour of the PADI office and met the marketing team; it was amazing to hear all the different languages spoken by the advisors on the phones. Thank you to Margriet and her colleagues for their time and for arranging the visit.

On Thursday I had a sunny day diving at Andark Lake with a Refreshers course; hope you have a great holiday in Greece Joey. This weekend I assisted with an Open Water Course in the pool with instructor Bob which went very well. Margriet Schuur, my PADI mentor, came down for the weekend to see how we are getting on and I helped her with a Discover Scuba Diving course for Jemma who took to the water like a fish!