JACK MAYNARD – Andark Divemaster Scholarship 2023

Why I Chose the programme…


My name is Jack and I am one of Andark’s four dive scholars for 2023! I am studying Physics at the university of Southampton and I have just finished my second year. I started my diving at the end of last summer when I did my Padi Open Water course over the 4 days. I had always thought about geting into diving after doing a try dive when I was about 14 which I enjoyed very much. My Father was also a Rescue certified scuba diver when he was young so he always told me great stories that made me…

interested in the activity, and I was so glad I finally decided to start my own diving adventure, as I have enjoyed it so much already!

My favourite part of diving is the aquatic life in their natural habitat. As amazing as documentaries are, to me there’s nothing like being face to face with a fresh water fish, or catching a glimpse of a large sturgeon as it slides off into another part of Andark Lake!

The scholarship works well for me as it fits neatly into my long university summer, and can get me a wealth of experience in the diving industry, as well as full immersion into Scuba Diving day to day. There are so many places and opportunities I want to let the scholarship take me, I plan on maybe going abroad to divemaster for the summer after my final year.

My favourite bit of kit is my bright orange mask and snorkel, after doing my OW in my dads old ones that fitted terribly… I don’t want to ever go back!

My favourite dive so far was when I dived Andark lake on a quiet day with my buddy to practice my Dry Suit skills, and I finally caught not one but three glimpses of the at least 5ft sturgeon in the distance before it swam away, it was really special.

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