Episode 3: An in-“depth” talk with commercial diver Mike

We catch up with one of Andark’s commercial divers, Mike, who shares his bountiful knowledge and skills behind his favourite activity and profession and tells insightful stories that lead him to where he is now including a close encounter with a shark!

Mike is an excellent commercial diving instructor and likes to drive the fear out of you by encouraging you to push past your supposed limits to help you face any challenges.

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Sometimes it can be hard to know where to take your diving. Which is why our Andark team offer full support and advice and will be happy to speak to you about your future diving journey to help you discover what to do next. If you are interested in Commercial Diving or have any questions for Mike , please leave a comment below.

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Andark Podcast: The Pilot

Welcome to our first Podcast where we will be diving deep in conversations with Andark legends, exploring epic dive stories in fascinating locations worldwide and discussing the top UK dive sites with our dive instructors, commercial divers, brand reps and the incredible founders Andy and Stephanie Goddard.

This pilot episode we introduce ourselves to you and talk about what we will be covering in the episodes to come. If you would like us to talk about certain topics, then let us know by commenting below ⬇️

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We hope you enjoy! 🐋🐳🐡🐟🐡

The Pilot