Episode 4: An eyeopening discussion with Steve Cook, Andark’s Project Aware ambassador & Training Course Manager

Steve Cook has some incredible tales of the deep, given his extensive experience diving and with a heart felt purpose to conserve the nature & beauty of our oceans!

First Aid Training

Steve Cook specialises in all of our First Aid training courses and highlights the importance of safety whilst diving, sailing or at work in any circumstance. It’s always great to have awareness of what to do when faced with an accident.

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Project Aware
Project Aware

Project Aware and what matters

We discuss diving with purpose, where Steve expresses his enthusiasm and passion for ocean conservation encouraging all divers to take a mesh bag and a small diving knife on every dive as you will always come across debris that needs cleaning up.

Get involved & help save our seas

We are currently running our lockdown courses online including our Conservation subjects – Dive Against Debris, Shark Conservation & Project Aware, Coral Reef with Project Aware. Be a part of the change with us!

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Listen to the podcast on the below link ⬇️

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