Aquanauts Progression

These Bubbles opposite show what Andark offer in our Kids Aquanauts diving programme. While not a prerequisite, doing the Andark’s Aquanaut programme, before a PADI Open Water Course will give children a head start in diving.

Course price

£27.50 per session (or Full £150.00 – 6 sessions must be pre-paid and pre-booked)

When can I do it?

Saturday 4.15 pm to 5.15pm

Course information

What is Andark Aquanauts?

Aquanauts is a Kids’ Scuba Club developed by Andark Course Directors and Instructors for children age 9-12, and is completely run in the pool. It runs on a Saturday afternoon and also as an intensive ScubaCamp in most school holidays. It consists of four levels: Level 1. Andark Aquanauts, a 6 lesson progessive course, 2. Andark Master Aquanauts, 10 ‘specialty’ sessions and 3. Andark Cadet status eligible for exemplary  students who have attended all 16 sessions. We are also now launching level 4. Andark JQDs for Junior Qualified Divers already certified by recognised diver training organisations such as PADI and BSAC.

Andark Aquanaut

If you are aged 9-12, like the water, and want to do something different on a Saturday afternoon, then this is the course for you. No experience required. You just have to be able to swim 25m unassisted, be taller than 1.2 m and be comfortable in deeper water. It’s a 6 session course which will take you through the basics of scuba diving in the comfort and safety of Andark’s own 3.4 metre pool. We’ll start with snorkelling techniques, then introduce you to scuba equipment. By the end of the course you should be able to put your scuba gear together, do a buddy check, clear your mask, perform regulator recovery, and practice safe buoyancy in the deep end. (If you are interested but can’t commit to Saturday afternoons we also run this entry level course as a ‘ScubaCamp’ most school holidays).

This course provides an excellent introduction to diving and lays down a solid foundation for children to then build on. Students can go on to Master Aquanauts or provided they are age 10+ progress to the PADI Junior Open Water Course.

What to bring

Dry T shirt or shortie wetsuit, so you don’t get cold. We provide Mask, Fins, Snorkel for the sessions but you are welcome to bring your own if you have them.

What can I do after?

  • Provided our instructors have passed you as being safe in the water you can join Andark Master Aquanauts
  • You can also start a formal diving qualification such as a PADI Junior Open Water Course 

If you have completed Aquanauts You get £10 off a PADI Junior Open Water Course or Open Water Referral

NOTE: Aquanauts is a progressive programme so you will need to commit to all 6 sessions. We will do our best to accommodate children in event of unforeseen illness however it will be instructor’s discretion as to when you are able to re-join a course. Course contents may vary slightly dependent on Instructor, the equipment available and student ability.

Andark Master Aquanaut

10 ‘specialty’ sessions for children who have passed the basic Andark Aquanaut programme. There is a calendar of alternating special interest sessions. Children can attend what ever session they like as long as these are booked in advance of the session, and repeat as many times as they like. We continually develop these sessions but you will find core specialties such as NIGHT DIVE AQUANAUT, WRECK AQUANAUT, SNAPSHOT AQUANAUT,  SAFETY AQUANAUT and SCOOTER (DPV) AQUANAUT. We have just introduced a new ‘ECO AQUANAUT’ that educates kids in eco awareness and how to use diving to help save our marine environment.

What to bring

Dry T shirt or shortie wetsuit, so you don’t get cold.

We encourage students to buy their own Mask, Fins, Snorkel by Master Aquanaut level. We have a huge range of equipment  available to purchase from the shop, all Aquanauts are entitled to Andark Student Discount prices.

What can I do after?

  • Provided we have passed you as being a responsible Master Aquanaut you can become an Aquanaut Cadet.
  • You can also start a formal diving qualification such as PADI Junior Open Water Course 

If you have completed all 10 Master Aquanaut Specialties you get £25 off a PADI Junior Open Water Course.

NOTE: All course contents may vary slightly dependent on Instructor, availability of equipment and student ability. For safety reasons we expect a certain level of maturity in our Master Aquanauts is and this will be at the instructors discretion. We can cater for children who don’t work well in groups and do offer private lessons that mirror the course. Just ask for more details when booking.

Interested? contact us here.


Andark Cadet status is eligible for those students who have attended all 16 sessions Aquanaut sessions and have shown themselves to be mature and responsible and safe divers. Cadets are able to purchase our specially designed CADET t-shirt. We will then pair up Cadets with the new Master Aquanauts. While they have no direct responsibility, they act as a mentor to the newer kids and help the instructors set up and clear away.

Due to the recent success of Aquauants and the number of kids who have gone on to Junior Open Water Diver Status we are launching Andark JQDs
for Junior Qualified Divers. This is open to any children already certified by PADI, BSAC and other recognised diver training organisations regardless of whether they have participated in Aquanauts.

The programme will be run in the pool once a month during the winter months for divers to fine-tune their skills and in the summer months we aim to have some open water dives tailored for the younger diver.

Interested? contact us here.

Course dates

The dates below runs as 6 week sessions and must be pre booked and paid for. No refund will be given if you miss a session.

Aquanauts Week 1Week 2 Week 3Week 4 Week 5Week 6
Block 2 - 6 Sessions 29/02/202007/03/202014/03/202021/03/202028/03/202004/04/2020
Block 3 - 6 Sessions 18/04/202025/04/202002/05/202009/05/202016/05/202023/05/2020
Block 4 - 6 Sessions 06/06/202013/06/202020/06/202027/06/202004/07/202011/07/2020
Block 5 - 6 Sessions 12/09/202019/09/202026/09/202003/10/202010/10/202017/10/2020
Block 6 - 6 Sessions 07/11/202014/11/202021/11/202028/11/202005/12/202012/12/2020

Summer Scuba Camp

See Summer Camp dates below

It’s an intensive 6 session course which will take you through the basics of scuba diving in the comfort and safety of Andark’s own 3.4 metre pool. We’ll start with snorkelling techniques, then introduce you to scuba equipment. By the end of the week you should be able to put your scuba gear together, do a buddy check, clear your mask, perform regulator recovery, and practice safe buoyancy in the deep end. The last session will be fun and games with the opportunity to try out some of out equipment like our underwater scooter!

Day 1 - 09.30am - 3.30pmDay 2 - 09.30am - 3.30pmDay 3 - 09.30am - 3.30pm
Tuesday 7th AprilWednesday 8th April Thursday 9th April
Tuesday 11th August Wednesday 12th AugustThursday 13th August
Tuesday 17th AugustWednesday 18th AugustThursday 19th August

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