Episode7: An inspirational talk about open water swimming and diving at Andark Lake with Mike.

Having joined Andark on a scholarship, Mike now manages Andark Lake and is joining many in the open water movement that seems to have really taken off during 2020.

Mike came to Andark with no diving experience or knowledge but has become an integral member of our family having completed his divemaster and Tec 40 diver training he can advise and assist you on diving products and trialling new diving equipment at our Andark Lake. We chta to Mike about the popular increase in open water ssimming since March lockdown, as so many want to get in touch with nature whilst pools closed and how we can offer a safe space to practise any swimming or diving trails the lake before venturing off into the sea.

LISTEN to the podcast clip below or You can access the podcast on iTunes click here. Or press the play button at the bottom of this post .

Check out our Andark Lake site where you can hire it out for a social or sporting swimming event for the afternoon or evening with great soup being served at the cafe to warm you up afterwards.

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