Epiosode 8: Reflecting on 2020 – All the positives & sailing into 2021 with a new attitude to life at Andark!

We chat about how the world turned upside down due to Covid19 and how Miriam adapted to the changes at Andark, focusing her plans on sharing knowledge and building a diving & watersports community.

We understand this year has been an emotional whirlwind for most; Grinding us to a halt all of a sudden made us reflect and reset, being separated from loved ones has made us feel isolated at times and look to other comforts such as nature. One thing that has stuck out for us at Andark is the importance of our health and the feeling of being part of a community. After all it surely highlighted how connected we are, as Covid19 struck us on a global level.

This is why Miriam has found new ways to connect with our extended Andark family and friends all across the world. You can tune into our Andark Podcast and Youtube channel and ALWAYS be a part of our hub.

Miriam discusses the positives of adapting to the change and how it has accelerated the movement of her vision and goal where she plans to take Andark in 2021… Tune in to find out.

LISTEN to the podcast clip below or You can access the podcast on iTunes click here. Or press the play button at the bottom of this post .


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