Season 2 Ep 1: The importance of the correct equipment for comfort and most of all safety.

What winter watersports are you doing? Have you got everything you need to stay warm & safe? Why not enhance your diving and first aid knowledge during lockdown…

Welcome back to Season 2, Episode 1! We start this season off fresh on a cold, blistery winter morning admiring the watersport junkies who brave the cold, rain and wind crashing against the waves to enjoy their activity. Here Miriam expresses her care and passion for safety at sea or where ever you may be enjoying time in the water. Have you got all the right equipment and do you take your mobile with you in a waterproof case to be safe.

We chat about lockdown and how to keep your diving knowledge up whilst being part of a community and getting the most of your learning experience. Why not sign up to one of our lockdown lessons on Zoom, we are running first aid courses including Airbourne Pathogen, that couldn’t be more appropriate for the times. Keep you home and workplace safe and be prepared for any emergency circumstance.

Most of all we are here to connect with our Andark friends to keep the community alive during these unprecedented times and want you guys to share your knowledge, stories and ask us any questions Andark/equipment related to better your experience. So please comment below or email us at

Enjoy and LISTEN to the podcast clip below or You can access the podcast on iTunes click here. Or press the play button at the bottom of this post .


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