Hi, my name is Phoebe, and I am 20 years old. I am currently studying Marine Ecology and Conservation at university as it is something I am very passionate about. Before completing my PADI Open Water Course I had never been on a dive before, from that moment on I fell in love with it. My instructor Paul was incredible and made me feel so comfortable, he was very patient and made the days so enjoyable.

After the scholarship, my goal is to combine my degree with diving. Working on coral reefs or doing scientific dives are just a couple of the things I’d love to do. I have a particular interest in cetacean behaviour as well. I originally went to Andark enquiring about work placement, to help out and to have a look at what diving really entails. I was then advised to apply and here we are! This scholarship is an incredible opportunity and will aid me in my future career. I have already made so many friends and am becoming part of an amazing community.

PADI Open Water Course.

As an entirely new diver I was anxious and excited to begin diving. The first two days where definitely the most challenging. Our instructors Katie and Paul were good and explained things very well and always made you feel comfortable. The two days we spent in the pool were busy but fun dives learning all the skills needed. At first, a couple of the skills I found really challenging however Paul and Katie understood and took their time to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease.

Down at the lake for the last 2 days and 5 dives of the course where a lot of fun.

My First Dive In the Lake

Yes it was cold! But amazing. Being in the lake was so fun and finding my way round was challenging but rewarding. We completed a few skills and then went for a dive looking around for the toilet, jet ski, tunnels, and boat wreck. We did some surface skills as well as some mask skills on the 3m platform.

After completing my first day at the lake I felt much more confident. Paul made sure to debrief each session and encouraged me all the time.

My favourite dive on the last day was the adventure dive where I took Paul on a dive. I found that this really consolidated my navigation skills learnt as well as allowing me to become more situated with the lakes layout and where I am at each given time.

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