Episode 1: Chat with our Director Andy Goddard

Our first episode is with our Director Andy Goddard who talks about all things Andark, his love of diving, where it all started, and his commercial diving career!

5 thoughts on “Episode 1: Chat with our Director Andy Goddard

  1. Thanks for my first taste of breathing in the underwater world at the original pool.
    35 years certainly goes by fast.

    The Pashley Twins

  2. Absolutely Loved this PodCast. Totally lost in the content, Andy has SO MANY tales to tell.

    I’ve had Lake Silfra, Iceland on my wish list for months!! Hearing Andy wants to dive it again is fantastic. Please, please,add me straight on to the list when you go…..

    These PodCasts are excellent. Thank you. Keep them coming.

    • Glad you are enjoying them Andy. Any topics you would like us to cover let us know and we will try do one on it.
      Definitely get an Iceland trip planned when we can. Thanks Mim

  3. Karen , my wife, and I first dived with Andy on 28th. April 1985 at Lulworth Cove having started training in January 1985 as a new year resolution. Diving has been a great common interest for us and given us lots of different avenues to explore including photography, writing, natural history and conservation, boat handling, wreck detection and investigation, the list just goes on. Please pass on our thanks to Andy for opening the sea to us, we are still diving and finding it great fun. John (Bill) and Karen.

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