Andark Podcast: The Pilot

Welcome to our first Podcast where we will be diving deep in conversations with Andark legends, exploring epic dive stories in fascinating locations worldwide and discussing the top UK dive sites with our dive instructors, commercial divers, brand reps and the incredible founders Andy and Stephanie Goddard.

This pilot episode we introduce ourselves to you and talk about what we will be covering in the episodes to come. If you would like us to talk about certain topics, then let us know by commenting below ⬇️

You can access the podcast on iTunes click here

We hope you enjoy! 🐋🐳🐡🐟🐡

The Pilot

4 thoughts on “Andark Podcast: The Pilot

  1. Hi ya. I’ve just listened to both of you have a giggle while doing this, and I really enjoyed it. It is the first pod cast I’ve ever listened too. So thanks for making it fun. You mentioned that you’ll ask Andy to do one, and I think that could be very interesting. As you may know, I have (with Andy’s and Stephanie help), organised a few (diving related), talks up at the lake. These I believe have always been well attended, and Andy has joined in on more than a few. Could you ask him if he would ever do a talk up the lake, or if not, at least a podcast, about his diving beginnings, and then into his career? Hopefully, he will? I’m sure it would be well received? Thanks for this first one, and kind regards. Nick.

    • Thanks Nick for your comments. In the podcast with Andy we will be covering his diving career and how it all started. He will definitely do a talk at the lake next year when we are allowed to socialise in groups again!

  2. Hello Andark, over many years you’ve been great at supplying and service kit, birthday parties for the kids (now qualified divers) and refresher training for mum and dad. I really enjoyed hearing much of the Andark story on your podcast. Next time I visit you in Bursledon the smile on my face will be even bigger than usual.

    On the podcast, great effort and I love the way the stories flowed and everything was natural. Never a dull moment. Well done.

    Warm regards – Ken

    • Thank you Ken. Glad you enjoyed listening to the Podcast. Doing weekly ones at the moment. Let us know if you would like us to cover any specific topics in the future.
      Many Thanks, Miriam

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