Corporate events to remember

Do you and your colleagues have the ‘bottle’ for the ultimate in team building.

How about kitting them out in scuba gear and letting them into the pool for a taste of the world beneath the surface?

Perhaps they’d like to find out what it would be like to leap 10 feet down into the water when ‘Abandon Ship’ is given?

If they’re up for it, they’re made of the right stuff then they can try our dunker. Their helicopter has had to ditch in deep water and they’re going to have to make their escape!!

Teambuilding Games

You’ve done the paintballing and the 4 x 4 – so now for something completely different.

Three exciting and stimulating challenges at the Andark pool.
  1. Experience weightlessness , and breathe underwater with a real scuba dive.
  2. The ship’s going down, you have to get your lifejacket on and reach the muster station. The order “Abandon ship! ” is given – the water’s 3 metres down but you have to jump for it.
  3. Finally, the big test of courage and stamina of the team with a very real challenge. You’re strapped in to the helicopter on its way to the oil platform – then there’s a bang! lights flash! the aircraft is going down and you’re going to hit the water as it ditches. Somehow you’re all going to have to escape!

Experience (and of course, enjoy!) all of these experiences in one amazing session at Andark.

Prices from £99 per person.

Afternoon and Evening sessions for groups of 10 or more.
Catering can be provided- Please ask.
Are you and your colleagues up for it?