Sundays are made for diving

Thinking about our community and how to interact more with it, we created The Andark Sunday Dive Event. It’s a weekly programme for new and experienced divers, from any recognised training agency, to come together and share the same passion at the South Coast.

It’s a great way to meet other divers, encourage the beginners and keeping it exciting for the seasoned professionals. Build up experience and get some dives in your log book.

We facilitate it giving local dive site briefings and providing shore-based support as well marshalling the dive, but you must plan the details of your buddy pairs dives keeping in mind your level on diving and water conditions.

If you are by yourself though, we can arrange a buddy to dive with you. On most Sundays, it is usually possible to make two dives. Please, feel free to ask any question if needed. Non-divers are also welcome to come along for the day and watch. Kimmeridge Bay, in particular, has a lovely grassy bank where you can sit and see the bubbles.

If you have never dived in the UK before, the local sea temperatures are around 18ºC in summer, and our 7mm wetsuits should keep you comfortably warm. There is always plenty of marine life on display, and at most of our sites you can find a variety of crabs, anemones, fish, sponges and cuttlefish etc depending on the season. Our light-hearted look at ‘Fish of the Day’ will point you in the right direction.

We subsidise the hire of main items of equipment, and on rare occasions, it may be necessary to share. The shop will be open early if you wish to buy anything before the Sunday Dive. The cost of the dive does not include air unless you are using one of our cylinders.

If you are using your equipment, you must ensure it is suitable for the environment and conditions in which you’ll be diving and that it is following the manufacturer’s guidelines.  It is also essential to book before the Sunday Dive, even if it is just the day before, and check in to the shop on your arrival. See you on Sunday.


Dates and location may change depending on weather. 

For inland dive sites, entry fee is not included in Sunday Dive prices. This is at an additional cost.

Sunday 17th JulyNewtons Cove
Sunday 31st July Lulworth Cove
Sunday 14th August TBC
Sunday 28th AugustTBC

Procedures for Sunday Dives


  • Any qualified diver must have dive within 6 months (if not see refreshers)


  • As required for your qualification.


  • PADI Scuba Diver, or anyone requiring an individual instructor £32
  • PADI Open Water, PADI Adventure Diver, BSAC Ocean Diver, BSAC Club Diver or equivalent £20
  • PADI Advanced Open Water, BSAC Sports Diver or equivalent £15
  • PADI Rescue Diver, PADI Master Scuba Diver, BSAC Dive Leader or equivalent £10
  • PADI Divemaster and above, BSAC Advanced Diver and above or equivalent £8
  • Snorkeller £10
  • You will also need a full set of scuba kit. Regulator, BCD, Cylinder and Wetsuit can be hired separately or as a pack, but you must have your own mask, fins, snorkel, weights, weight belt, boots, gloves, SMB, and compass. We do not hire these items but they are available to buy in the shop.


  • Gear hire – per item £8 – for Regulator, BCD, Cylinder with Air, or Wetsuit
  • Gear pack hire – Regulator, BCD, Full Cylinder, Wetsuit £30
  • Gear pack hire – Regulator, BCD, Full Cylinder and Drysuit £50
  • Drysuit Hire £40.00 a day.
  • Undersuit Hire for Drysuit £15.00 a day.


1. Book your place

Telephone the shop on this number 01489 581755 to book your place on the dive and remember to let us know if you need to hire any kit.

2. Confirm the dive

You can call the shop on Friday or Saturday before 5.00pm to confirm the dive is proceeding as planned (we may have to make changes due to the weather).

3. Check your equipment

Make sure your equipment is ready to go, your cylinder is filled with air since we won’t be doing that on Sunday morning and you packed everything needed. Here is a checklist we’ve made to help you remember everything.

*All divers must have their own mask, fins, snorkel, weights, weight belt, boots, gloves, SMB and compass. These are available to buy in the shop.


* Arrive at the Shop at the advertised time, usually 8.00am. Please bring proof of certification.

*Check in and make payment for the dive. Suits and cylinders will be issued before leaving Andark – they are your responsibility.

*Regulators and BCDs will be issued on site and must be returned to your Dive Marshall directly after your dive.

*All hired equipment must be returned to Andark on the day of the dive. A charge may be made for late return, based on shop hire prices.

*Transport is not included in the price of the dive. However, many regulars share cars. It is up to passengers to arrange fuel costs, etc.

These prices do not include entry to fee-paying sites.