Becoming a Commercial Diver



This two week course was one of the best diving courses I’ve ever done. It was very hard work but each day was different and exciting. The courses included dives at Andark Lake, Vobster Quay and in the River Hamble, as well as classroom work and theory.

Firstly, we were taught diving theory and different Deco Tables, which were explained well and gave me a much better understanding of the science behind diving. I will find this useful in general diving, as well as in future commercial diving.

I also found learning line signals and using underwater communication very interesting- being able to talk to the surface added another level to the dives and getting instructions whilst under water added another challenge and more excitement.

The days diving in the Hamble river were particularly enjoyable and where I felt like I could put all that I had learnt to good use- changing nuts and bolts underwater and inspecting piles and chains.

Overall, the course taught me a lot about diving, but also lots about how a commercial dive site works, risk management and working as part of a dive team. The instructors were great to work with and made the course entertaining whilst sharing some of their knowledge and experience.


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